New Order: Decades

New Order: Decades

A film by Mike Christie

A Caravan Production for Sky Arts

Almost forty years to the day of Joy Division's TV debut, "New Order: Decades" which will air on Saturday 22nd September at 9pm on Sky Arts is a unique and timely feature-length film about one of the UK’s most original and truly iconic bands.


Part concert, part documentary, this film follows the band’s preparations in the re-staging of their acclaimed collaboration So It Goes.. with the artist Liam Gillick and the 12-piece synthesiser orchestra that spectacularly captured the headlines during Manchester International Festival 2017.  The complexities extend beyond the technical and logistical: this is a band that rarely looks backwards, yet for this project they had to reflect on - and de-construct – the band’s history, in order to create something very new.


With full access to New Order and their collaborators, this film is an unprecedented and intimate celebration of their story and their music. Through personal interviews with the band members and close collaborators including Gillick and art director Peter Saville, 'New Order: Decades' offers a rare chance to enter the band's private world, understand the visual philosophy of their aesthetic and design, and witness their collaborative, creative processes first hand. The full-length New Order and Joy Division song performances featured in the film - captured from the spectacular concert, designed by Gillick and augmented by the synth orchestra - look and sound simply incredible. They also serve as a perfect cross section of the musical journey the band have undertaken in their incredible career over the last four decades, and the perfect soundtrack to this very special film.


New Order: Decades

A film by Mike Christie


∑(No,12k,Lg,17Mif) New Order + Liam Gillick: So it goes..
Commissioned by Manchester International Festival,
OGR Torino and Wiener Festwochen.


North American Tour 2018

23rd August 2018       St Paul, MN USA           Palace Theatre

25th August 2018       Cleveland, OH, USA       Incuya Music Festival

28th August 2018       Washington, DC, USA    The Anthem 

30th August 2018       Toronto, ON, Canada     Budweiser Stage

29th September 2018  Longbeach, CA, USA     Music Tastes Good Festival

3rd October 2018         Kahului,HI                   Maui Arts & Cultural Center - Castle Theater

5th October 2018        Honolulu, HI               Blaisdell Arena

Tickets for Music Taste Good Festival and Incuya Festival are on sale now. Tickets for Washington D.C. and Toronto, ON go on sale Friday June 22nd, with shows in St Paul, MN and Hawaii going on sale on Friday 29th June. 

All tickets on sale 1000 local time.


Power, Corruption & Lies 35th Anniversary

New Order's Power, Corruption & Lies turns 35 today. Widely recognised, as the first album to define the real New Order sound.

Listen now:



Blue Monday Turns 35

On this day in 1983, Blue Monday was released becoming the biggest selling 12” single of all time. To celebrate, we’re giving you 15% off in our web shop. Use the code ‘MONDAY’ to claim yours, available until Sunday (11/03/2018) at midnight :



Merry Christmas From New Order


New Order announce a full and final settlement with former bassist Peter Hook

New Order announce that today, a full and final settlement has been reached in the long running disputes with their former bassist Peter Hook. 

The disputes were based upon Hook's use of various New Order and Joy Division assets on merchandising and in the promotion of shows by his new band, and the amount of money he receives from the use of the name New Order by his former colleagues since 2011. 
The Joy Division and New Order names mean a great deal to so many of the fans, and the band felt it important to protect the legacy. 

With these issues now dealt with, Bernard, Stephen and Gillian can continue to do what they do best, make music and perform live.


Mark Reeder releases new album Mauerstadt

Mauerstadt means walled city and Berlin was the original mauerstadt. Berlin is also the home and workplace of Mark Reeder. Throughout the latter half of the 20th century, Berlins notorious wall was seen as the ultimate symbol of division and intolerance. Yet within that wall, a creative force existed which brought many artistic people together. This album draws attention to the subject of collaboration, not division.

1.Mark Reeder - "In Sight" (with The KVB)
2.Mark Reeder - "Mmm Mmm Mmm Ahhh" (with MFU - Umm & Arrggh remix)
3.Mark Reeder - "United" (with Queen Of Hearts - Bonded By Sadness mix)
4.Mark Reeder - "Electricity" (with Ekkoes - Power Surge mix)
5.Mark Reeder & Maja Pierro - "Broken Hearts"
6.New Order - "Academic" (Mark Reeder akademixx)
7.The Inspiral Carpets - "You're So Good For Me" (Like A Tonic remix)
8.Mark Reeder - "Giant Mushrooms" (radioactive Fall Out mix)
9.Mark Reeder - "Suicide" (with Queen Of Hearts - Killer Queen mix)
10.Mark Reeder - "Mauerstadt" (extended RIAS mix)
11.Mark Reeder - "Heartbeat" (with Ekkoes - Heart Throb mix)
12.Mark Reeder & Maja Pierro - "If You Love Me Tonight" (Mark Reeder Will Love You Tomorrow remix)
13.New Order - "The Game" (Mark Reeder Spielt Mit version)


Manchester International Festival NO/JD Pop-up Shop



To coincide with the Manchester International Festival events So It Goes and True Faith we have opened a New Order & Joy Division pop-up shop in Manchester Festival Square (Albert Square) open every day from noon.