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Mark Reeder releases new album Mauerstadt

Mauerstadt means walled city and Berlin was the original mauerstadt. Berlin is also the home and workplace of Mark Reeder. Throughout the latter half of the 20th century, Berlins notorious wall was seen as the ultimate symbol of division and intolerance. Yet within that wall, a creative force existed which brought many artistic people together. This album draws attention to the subject of collaboration, not division.

1.Mark Reeder - "In Sight" (with The KVB)
2.Mark Reeder - "Mmm Mmm Mmm Ahhh" (with MFU - Umm & Arrggh remix)
3.Mark Reeder - "United" (with Queen Of Hearts - Bonded By Sadness mix)
4.Mark Reeder - "Electricity" (with Ekkoes - Power Surge mix)
5.Mark Reeder & Maja Pierro - "Broken Hearts"
6.New Order - "Academic" (Mark Reeder akademixx)
7.The Inspiral Carpets - "You're So Good For Me" (Like A Tonic remix)
8.Mark Reeder - "Giant Mushrooms" (radioactive Fall Out mix)
9.Mark Reeder - "Suicide" (with Queen Of Hearts - Killer Queen mix)
10.Mark Reeder - "Mauerstadt" (extended RIAS mix)
11.Mark Reeder - "Heartbeat" (with Ekkoes - Heart Throb mix)
12.Mark Reeder & Maja Pierro - "If You Love Me Tonight" (Mark Reeder Will Love You Tomorrow remix)
13.New Order - "The Game" (Mark Reeder Spielt Mit version)


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