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Bernard Discusses Pete Shelley


I was deeply sorry to hear about Pete passing away, I always thought he was a great songwriter and the Buzzcocks both helped and inspired us in the early days of Joy Division. The first punk record I ever bought was ‘Spiral Scratch’ Boredom was the track on it that summed up how every bummed out adolescent felt in early 1977.

Another song ‘You Say You Don’t Love Me’ was another - perhaps lesser known but it was a favourite of mine with a deeply touching melody and then in 1981 he came out with the catchy as hell perfect pop song ‘Homosapien’ - By coincidence we played it in our dressing room just before we went onstage at our last gig in Curitiba, Brazil.

A sad day but a brilliant and unforgettable life.

Bernard Sumner. 

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