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Caveat Emptor - Buyer Beware - A message from Bernard and Stephen.

It has recently come to our attention that there have been items for sale said to have been used by our various bands and associates. We have been contacted by a buyer of items sold as original Joy Division and Martin Hannett equipment, who is concerned that they are not originals.

Please be very cautious regarding the provenance of the items you buy. Many generic vintage instruments can be bought cheaply at online auctions and resold at high profit by claiming a historical connection with us. We advise referencing old photographs, videos and checking serial numbers; they should give you the date and sometimes place of manufacture. 

This was Joy Division’s only Transcendent 2000, and it was hand built by Bernard Sumner. It was not, as recently claimed, stolen in New York along with their other equipment, but was given to a friend decades ago. It is still in his possession and kept in a very safe place.

If you have bought one of Martin Hannett’s so called collection we would doubt its authenticity. These synths were built over many hours of hand soldering and were not available to buy over the counter. To our knowledge, Martin never owned a single Transcendent 2000.

Regarding the bell tree said to be used by Stephen Morris on ‘Atmosphere’, attached here is a description of how the sound was actually made, from an interview Stephen did with Simon Reynolds and published in the book Totally Wired in 2009. 

If in doubt contact us and we will be happy to give our opinion on the authenticity of your instrument.

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