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STOLEN Confirmed As Support For Autumn European Tour 

STOLEN Confirmed As Support For Autumn European Tour

Find ticket details below.


Munich: SOLD OUT

Berlin: SOLD OUT



STOLEN are a Sino-psychedelic, Techno-Rock band from Chengdu, China. 

They were formed by vocalist LiangYi, guitarist FangDe, bassist Jun, drummer YuFeng, and keyboardist Duan Xuan in 2009, while students at the Sichuan Conservatory of Music. During this time, they met Formol, a French VJ, who used to run a small bar close to the bands’ practice room. The band noticed the cool music being played in the bar every time they walked past. When STOLEN eventually played at Formal’s bar, they asked him to help them with their visuals, after that, he was invited to join the band in 2012. 

STOLEN became five Chinese musicians and a French VJ.  

September 2017 saw the release of their EP“STOLEN” EP which was recorded in Chengdu together with former Factory-man-in-Berlin, Mark Reeder. Mark, was on a tour of China with his film B-Movie, and was performing at the Morning House Festival in Chengdu in the Spring of 2017 when he was introduced to STOLEN. 

Mark was really impressed by STOLEN's brilliant live performances, and after the gig, they decided to go into the studio together and record a demo. Mark eventually mixed the recordings in Berlin together with his studio partner Micha Adam and the band released it in China on their own label. 

During his tour, Mark could sense a new wave of Chinese music was starting to emerge and decided it was to be his mission to help put this great band on a level playing field and show the World that the sound of young China is STOLEN.

In January 2018, STOLEN travelled to Berlin to record their second album, Fragment which was again produced by Mark Reeder and Micha Adam. The band wanted to soak in the atmosphere of the city and especially its techno-club-scene and inject their impressions into their music. 

It was during the production of this album that Mark decided to reactivate his label MFS, especially for the release of Fragmentin Europe. It was a challenging objective. Fragmentwas released in China in September 2018, and in Europe in early 2019 on MFS. 

For more information www.mfsberlin.com

Stolen - Chaos - Official video

Stolen - Enter the Gap - Official video

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