UK Festival Awards 2012 - Headline Performance of the Year

On Monday 3rd December New Order received the award for the Headline Performance of the Year for their recent appearance at the award winning Festival #6.


Corona Capital Festival 2012, Mexico City

New Order's Mexico City debut did not disappoint. We had a rapturous reception from a huge crowd.

See this review in The Quietus.


New Order North American Tour 2012

We have completed our trip to North America. We send a big thank you to all our fans for their warm reception and also to the support acts and DJs that have joined us on the tour and helped make it such a success.

SAN FRANCISCO Oakland Fox Theatre, 5th October 2012 Run Run Run & DJ Brent Hall
LOS ANGELES Greek Theatre, 7th October 2012  Run Run Run & DJ Mario Cotto
DENVER  Broomfield 1st Bank Center, 10th October 2012 Flashlights & DJ Boyhollow
DALLAS Palladium Ballroom, 12th October 2012  Ishi & DJ Little Martin
NEW YORK CITY Roseland Ballroom, 18th October 2012 Win Win & DJs Justin Strauss and Billy Caldwell
NEW YORK CITY Roseland Ballroom, 19th October 2012 Win Win & DJs Adesh & Lara
CHICAGO Aragon Ballroom, 21st October 2012   Hudson Branch & DJ Nate Manic
TORONTO Sony Centre, 23rd & 24th October 2012 Win Win & DJ Nick Fiorucci


Festival No6, Portmeirion, North Wales, 16th September 2012

We finish this short run of dates in Wales and the fantastic Portmerion village. We have some connections with the organisers of this new exciting festival and have been supportive from the first. We come in on the last night after our recent travels. Of course the weather had been fantastic. There's been a great vibe all weekend but as we drive over on Sunday the rain buckets down as we cross the high mountain passes that are the gateway to the beautiful mid Wales coast. At least the stage is in a tent.

It's a new small festival but 6music were there broadcasting to the nation. Anyone who wanted to could hear the mighty New Order at their best and for a week after on the iplayer and on a torrent everywhere forever. What might not have come across well on the radio was the Prisoner costumes and event. I'm looking for the YouTube links now to fill you in. If you have any doubts listen to it. I rest my case.

America here we come. We are ready for you.




Fête de l'Humanité, Paris, 14th September 2012

And then to Paris for a huge socialist pageant. It's a great gig. They all seem to be now. The French just seem so different to the British. They do it with style and panache, mixing Politics with music art and culture. I hope they get what they want some Keynsian paradise. although just a few weeks later the new french government deliver typical austerity measures.

Everyone else seems fine. I am not. Phil ever the contrarian decides this was the night to party and wanders about the stage making his own movie with his iPhone. Culminating in a fantastic leap from his amp that leaves him crippled for weeks.


Mallorca & Ibiza Rocks 11th & 12th September 2012

This varied excursion then headed for the Balearics for back to back shows under the Mallorca / Ibiza Rocks franchise. Intimate gigs set in the hotel courtyard by the swimming pool for the enjoyment of a new generation of young British tourists intent on enjoying their holidays in the sun with a twist.

Palma is beautiful, The twisting alleys of the old town leading down to the Cathedral and quay.  A great setting to get together the band and crew for a big dinner under the stars the evening before the show. See how sophisticated we are becoming! The following evening it's job done. Great gig. Everyone happy.

You've heard all the old story's a million times. New Order had it large in Ibiza in 1988. With that out the way I can tell you it's half a lifetime later and we're back. This is New Order's debut show in Ibiza. When we were last here it was Balearic sounds and a wild fusion. Now it's franchises and big business, just like everywhere really.

Except this is the White Isle and it remains special. When everyone is out to enjoy themselves to the max that is what usually happens, and guess what, that's what happened. The band smashed it. And after the show it continued with the after party and then at 5am the club, DJ Derrick Carter smashed it and then the club after party and then the house party & DJ Dave from NYC until it's just three of us sitting at a beach bar as they set out the beach furniture for another day's business. This all sound's like those old tales again. New Order in Ibiza, one night only, mission accomplished. Time to get back to the hotel for help!


New Order at Bestival 8th September 2012

Islands, you've got to love them. When you get on the car ferry and the ramp goes up it's like being on holiday. So we got off to a good start on Sunday morning leaving Lymington for the beautiful Isle of Wight. And Later as we drove down the dirt track at dusk and over the brow to see the whole valley one  giant festival and we are headlining the main stage, well it's a buzz. This is a proper festival, normal life can be suspended. Hordes loom out of the dark in animal garb intent on satisfying their primitive notions, and we were there ready and able give to them. No need for a blow by blow account suffice to say we delivered.


New Order live debut in Singapore closes the Asian Tour 2012

On a sweltering evening of Wednesday 22nd August we wrapped up our 2012 Asian tour with our first show ever in Singapore. The concert in the grounds of the historic Fort Canning was as well received as the rest of the Asian tour. Tomorrow we will be returning home. Back to the rain that is Britain's worst summer in 30 years and double dip recession, but here in Singapore the financial troubles of the eurozone seem a million miles away as this modern city in the tropics booms and the skyline expands around the island and harbour.